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Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses -- Jack Meagher

Keep your horses fit to maximum comfort levels.

Don't let the humbleness of the format of this book fool you. This is the original and definitive book on Horse Massage Therapy. Jack Meagher was the massage therapist for the USA Olympic Gold Medal Three Day Event team as well as many other world class riding and driving equine competitors. Horses as atheletes are just as prone to muscle injuries as are their human counterparts. The difference is horses can only tell us that they are in pain by exhibiting behaviors such as resistance, shying, bucking, or in the form of degraded performance. Don't wait until it is too late and your horse is in pain. Get massaging those muscles.

After Jack Meagher's passing this book was out of print and very hard to find. We are fortunate that his family has decided to publish it again and has agreed to have The Cavalier as one of the sales outlets for this wonderful book.