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Tara Farm Rescue
Animals are the closest thing to Angels on Earth...

Tara Farm Rescue is a nonprofit animal sanctuary located at 670 Babcock Hill Road in Coventry, CT 06238 (Telephone 860-742-2215).  Funded by private donations and staffed by volunteer workers of all ages and from all walks of life, Tara Farm take in and cares for quite an assortment of animals. 

The Rescue was started in 1982 by BonnieJeanne Gorden who has dedicated her life to easing the suffering of animals.  Originally started as a home for unwanted horses, Tara Farm Rescue has expanded and now unwanted, neglected and abused cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, goats, dogs and cats are taken in, rehabilitated, and when possible, placed in adoptive homes.

When new animals arrive at Tara Farm, they almost always need veterinary services. You can imagine that this can be quite costly.  That is why The Cavalier has decided to donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of products on this website to Tara Farm.

In addition you will be surprised at the lovely animals that you can find there and in other shelters. My fine steed, Webster, who you will meet in the pages of The Cavalier, came from Tara Farm. If you are interested in a new horse considering adopting one from this wonderful organization or a shelter near you. You will give a deserving animal a chance at a new life. For more information here is their website: