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The Royal Art of Riding -- Bent Branderup

A View of Perfection in Classical Riding

It is impossible to describe this DVD as anything other than DAZZLING! Bent Braderup from Denmark has brought to life the phenomenal beauty of classical riding as the true art form it should be.  A master rider, Bent performs in period costumes and settings from the Middle Ages to the height of the Baroque era accompanied by music from each of those periods. Throughout the film he defines the importance of a balanced classical seat as realized by the individuals of each era. It is amazing to know that the horse Bent uses for the demonstration, Hugin, a rare Knapstrup stallion, was rescued by Bent suffering with three broken legs and is now totally blind. Still Hugin performs the Haute Ecole with Bent to magnificent perfection in this DVD. This certainly is a true testament to the power of correct classical training. 

It is important to notice as well, that throughout the perfomance, Hugin moves his mouth quite a bit. There is no tight cavesson, drop nose band or flash on him to limit this movement in any way. In fact, what Hugin is doing with these mouth movements is talking back to the rider in response to Bent's aids. I hope this DVD will encourage you to remove your flash and drop nose bands, along with any tight cavesons (such as "cranks") you may have on your horse's nose. For a horse to be relaxed in his jaw and therefore relaxed in his work he must be free to move his jaw. This joyous movement should be celebrated not eliminated for the sake of any competition.

For a look at a few brief clips from the DVD click on this link to view a YouTube video: I can assure you that the quality of the DVD is much better than the clip on YouTube. The Cavalier has a limited number of these DVD's. Get yours now!